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On-campus Preschool Program

The ASSERT program at Utah State University is a state-of-the-art intensive preschool program that uses research-based instructional techniques to address the individual needs of children with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD).  Preschool-aged children (typically 3–5 years old) attend the program 20 hours per week.

Operates Monday–Friday:

  • AM session: 8:00am–12:00pm
  • PM session: 12:30pm–4:30pm
  • Located in the Sorenson Center for Clinical Excellence (CCE) building at Utah State University
  • Uses individualized educational and behavioral programs for each student
  • Targets specific, measurable skills in each need area
  • Provides parents with extensive training through home consultation and in-classroom training

Apply for Admission

Admission Process

  • Diagnosis Required: To be enrolled in the ASSERT program, eligible students must have a formal diagnosis of ASD.
  • Application Process: To apply for admission, download the application form, and email completed form to A diagnosis is not required to apply for admission but students must have a formal ASD diagnosis prior to enrollment. In order to be eligible for admission at the start of a new school year (i.e., end of August), students must have applied for admission by May 1st of that year. ASSERT placement evaluations typically occur in early June, and families are notified of admission decisions by mid-July.

Disclaimer: While we strive to admit as many eligible students as possible, completing the application process does not guarantee eventual enrollment in the program.

Inquire About In-Home Consultation

Consultation Services

ASSERT staff also offer short-term in-home consultation and parent training for families of children with ASD of all ages. ASSERT can provide consultation in the following areas:  toilet training, mealtime behavior, sibling relationships, play skills, social skills, academic skills, communication skills, and/or behavior problems). To apply for consultation services, download the request form, and email completed form to

Parent Training

ASSERT offers monthly parent training seminars on topics relevant to ASD. Due to COVID-19, they are currently being held virtually.

Parent training seminars are open to all community members. If interested in attending, please RSVP to

For up-to-date information about parent trainings and other resources related to ASD, Join ASSERT’s Mailing List